Mozilla ‘Prism’ Brings Web Apps to Desktop

Takes a leaf out of Google Chrome's book - then polishes it a bit...

This isn’t new, but it is certainly welcome…

Taking a leaf out of Google Chrome‘s ingenious ‘application shortcuts’ functionality Mozilla Labs has launched ‘Prism’ – a Firefox extension or standalone programme, which turns any website into a desktop app.

The concept is simple: any site you visit regularly – be it email, online documents, social networking sites or even just really helpful, knowledge enhancing services like TrustedReviews (!) can be moved to a stripped down dedicated browser window – see below – and a desktop shortcut created with its own unique icon.

Prism takes the functionality of Chrome a step further too with the ability to add badges or popup alerts to any icon to highlight new mail or site updates. On top of this Windows users can make applications minimise to the system tray while both Mac & Windows platforms allow the association of the applications with specific browser links.

Of course the other major benefit to all this is should Firefox crash (a not altogether unknown occurrence) then your dedicated app window will remain completely unaffected. The different approach taken by Google Chrome means this isn’t an issue in the first place, but it’s a highly valuable addition nonetheless.

So Chrome features strike again. Following the great success of its (s)porn(/s) Private Browsing mode (now copied by Firefox 3.5 beta and IE 8) it seems dedicated application shortcuts will be the next me-too addition and in this increasingly Cloud-centric technology world that’s a jolly good thing.

Prism v1.0 is available now as either a Firefox plug-in or a standalone programme. You’d be rather daft not to give it a try…