Mozilla Confirms Firefox Mobile Browser

No, we're not talking about Minimo.

Well, about time…

After an age spent not committing to its languishing minimo project (grab above), Mozilla has shaken off its sleep and announced a full scale drive into the mobile browser market.

Speaking on his blog this week Mike Schroepfer, Mozilla’s VP of Engineering, said “People ask us all the time about what Mozilla’s going to do about the mobile web, and I’m very excited to announce that we plan to rock it… we are serious about bringing the Firefox experience and technology to mobile devices.”

Amongst the interesting titbits ‘Schrep’ then goes on to share are that Mozilla plans to ship a version of Firefox which “amongst other things” can run its famed extensions and sync bookmarks, history and extensions between desktop and mobile editions. He also claims the mobile edition will be treated as a ‘First Class/Tier-1’ product meaning it will be developed in conjunction with the desktop edition.

Schrep also explained Mozilla’s delay in entering the mobile market, saying that until now mobile devices have not had the horsepower it deemed necessary to support its vision of the mobile web. Big talk!

As for availability, Firefox mobile will not be available until after Firefox 3.0 for desktop ships in Q1 2008 but, fingers crossed, there could be publically available betas before then.

As for Minimo – it will be scrapped having “provided us with valuable information about how Gecko operates in mobile environments”, but then again, you knew that already…

Schrep’s Blog