MoviePass is bringing back its unlimited plan – what’s the worst that can happen?

Sometimes, in the tech world, there are propositions that seem too good to be true. More often than not that sense plays out.

Take MoviePass, for example, the US app for cinema-goers that offered unlimited movies for as little as $7.95 a month, at various times. Sure enough, it wasn’t sustainable and the company flirted with extinction last summer, as a result.

Now, the company has confirmed it will be announcing a new version of the unlimited plan, but it’s highly unlikely to be as affordable as its predecessor.

Currently, the company only offers 3-movie a month plans, which start at $9.95 for the basic Select plan. That runs all the way up to $24.95 in major cities for the Red Carpet plan including IMAX and 3D movies.

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“We have a lot to prove to all our constituents,” said MoviePass chairman Mitch Lowe, in an interview with Variety.

“We don’t just have to prove ourselves to our members, we also have to prove ourselves to the investment community, our employees, and our partners. We believe we’re doing everything that we possibly can to deliver a great service and we’re in the process of fixing all the things that went wrong.”

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What the company will deem to be a reasonable price for the unlimited plan remains to be seen, but we can see it starting around $14.95 for the Select plan.

The company is currently on a long road to recovery after a number of damaging incidents in 2018. In June, subscribers were unable to attend screenings because the parent company wasn’t able to make payments to its partner movie theatres.

As it dealt with the financial issues, it announced a 50% price hike and a 2-week wait to see some blockbuster movies. Eventually, it decided to simply bin the unlimited option completely.

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