Motorola Xoom 2 Tablets Leaked

Motorola has decided to go down the route taken by

Samsung for its second generation tablets by releasing not one but two

follow-ups to its Xoom tablet.

Various leaked images have popped up on the internet over

the weekend with some very interesting specs mooted for the pair of tablets.

The Xoom 2 devices are going to have 8.2in and 10.1in form factor with the

smaller device called the Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition.

According to sources who spoke to This is my next said the Media Edition will have an 8.2in HD IPS display with

anti-glare coating in order for it to be a compelling ereader alternative.

The chassis is magnesium/aluminium alloy with a Gorilla

Glass display and comes with a splash-proof tag to boot. There is also rumoured

to be an integrated IR remote and subwoofer for even more entertainment


The tablet is set to weigh around 450g and measures just 9mm

thick. It will be running Android 3.2 when it arrives, which should be fairly

soon according to the sources.


While all the attention has been given to the Xoom 2 Media

Edition, Motorola is still planning to release a classic 10.1in version of the Xoom 2 which

will have a 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and enable 1080p video recording.

The original Xoom was a rather disappointing effort from

Motorola but it will be hoping that the second generation tablets will be able

to really challenge Apple’s dominance.

Source: Engadget and This is my next