Motorola Android Smartphone Brings Custom ‘Blur’ UI

The beginning of a comeback or an empty death rattle?

Could Motorola finally be getting back into the game after an innovation sabbatical of Palm-esque proportions? This could very well be the case after BGR broke news of the company’s long awaited Android phone and a very clever custom UI called ‘Blur’.

As you might expect the site isn’t exactly full on details, but what we do see is the much leaked Xperia X2-esque Motorola Android handset sporting a UI which has had a high level of spit and polish.

Apparently the aim (and it would be a sensible one) is to mimic the Palm/INQ approach of unifying personal contacts and social networking site information to create a more holistic user experience. In short: convergence, or – as I like to call it – getting-all-your-stuff-together-in-one-place-so-it-can-baffle-and-overwhelm-you. I’m all about the technical terms.

Additionally we hear that OTA (Over the Air) upgrades will be a large part of the Blur update strategy, but since it’s already a large part of the Android update strategy this isn’t too surprising. Yep, the news is vague though it is also mildly encouraging.

So for the first time in, well, ”years” I can finish a Motorola news story without feeling depressed. How very, very odd…

via BGR