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Moto X release date and features revealed by official video leak

An official video from Canadian network provider Rogers has prematurely revealed the Moto X release date and some of its major new features.

The Moto X release date has been set for next month, with the Motorola flagship touching down in August playing host to a whole range of voice command features.

The leaked video appears to show a number of unique Moto X features, including the ability to speak to the phone without touching it.

It looks to be an expansion of the existing Google Now function, but without the need to physically interact with your phone. It reveals that the Moto X will always be listening out for vocal prompts within its hands-free mode.

In the demonstration, a Rogers representative simply says “OK Google Now” before asking for today’s weather forecast, and the Moto X at her side responds.

Apparently the Moto X is “ready to listen and respond,” and it also “learns your voice” – a feature that Engadget has learned, through another leaked video, is set to be called Open Mic.

Another useful Moto X feature that this leaked video reveals is its ability to provide “active updates.” Meant as an intelligent alternative to those dumb blinking notification lights, which don’t tell you anything, the Moto X will subtly flash up the nature of the incoming notification without fully waking from sleep.

Finally, the video showcases the Moto X’s advanced sensor usage. Here, we see that you can activate the camera by holding the phone and twisting your wrist twice.

It’s still no replacement for proper physical shutter button activation (as seen on Windows Phone devices), but it could prove easier to activate in a hurry than the current touch-driven solution favoured by Android manufacturers.

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