Moto to kill off sub-5” displays, add fingerprint sensors in 2016

Not content with killing off the Motorola name, Lenovo has revealed it plans to eradicate all sub-5-inch displays from its Moto-branded smartphone line up.

Recent interviews with Lenovo’s Chen Xudong says all of the firm’s 2016 Moto line-up will feature handsets 5-inches or larger.

That means the Moto E, which currently rocks a 4.5-inch display, will either break the 5-inch barrier, or be dropped from the line-up altogether in 2016.

The news will come as a disappointment to those who target devices like the Moto E just because they don’t want to cram a larger-screened device into their pocket.

However, when speaking to the Chinese media (via GSM Arena), Xudong did have some good news. He confirmed the entire 2016 line-up will be fitted with fingerprint sensors.

As that’s a feature that’s been largely missing from Moto’s popular devices, it’s at least one decision sure to please Moto loyalists.

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Last week at CES, Lenovo announced that the Motorola brand name would cease to exist on devices and in marketing materials.

Instead, high-end Moto devices, will be used to complement Lenovo’s Vibe brand which will spread to more western territories in the future.

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The rebranding of Moto as a ‘high-end’ only manufacturer seems a little at odds with what made the firm popular over the last few years; budget devices like the Moto E and Moto G with specs that defy the modest price points.

This new strategy suggests that, while the Moto E could be bumped up to 5-inches, it’s likely to be cast aside.