This Motorola Razr fan render makes us really want a foldable phone

So far, the current crop of foldable screens we’ve seen have looked more like a proof of concept than something you’d actually want to buy. Especially when the price is likely to be higher than buying a separate phone and tablet.

This Motorola Razr 2019 fan render, based off Motorola’s own genuine patent, really makes us see the potential of the technology though. The key word in that sentence is “potential”, because as beautiful as the phone looks, what we’ve been led to believe is possible with current tech won’t be anything like as smooth as this anytime soon.

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While the original Moto Razr was a foldable handset, it was from the old days, when handsets had physical number pads for entering phone numbers and awkwardly manoeuvring an angular snake. The 2019 rebirth will take advantage of our enthusiasm for foldable screens to make the device unfold into something resembling a regular smartphone.

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The way Waqar Khan makes it look is a thing of great beauty, but if the technology to make a screen go completely flat like this exists, then all the major manufacturers have kept it very quiet indeed. On top of that, the patent makes no mention of the external screen shown in the closed configuration, brilliant as it looks.

What’s more likely is something like this but a lot more bulky and awkward, or for a handset that opens up with two screens, separated by a hinge. That’s a far less convincing solution, for fairly obvious reasons: anything you do in landscape mode will be broken up by a hugely distracting dead zone along the middle.  

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Hopefully, we’re just being cynical and Motorola will spectacularly prove us wrong in the near future. But as things stand, we just can’t see a handset like this launching in 2019, and maybe not 2020 either.

Are we wrong? Is a foldable phone as brilliant looking as this just around the corner? Let us know what you think on Twitter: @TrustedReviews.