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Moto G 3 leaks with modest spec bump

The Moto G 3 appears to have been revealed through multiple leaks.

Motorola’s affordable Moto G line has turned out two excellent phones that have come to set the standard for high-value handsets.

Now news of the third generation Moto G, aka the Moto G (2015), has hit the internet. However, the initial specs are somewhat underwhelming.

Of course, we’re not expecting high or even mid-range components from the new Moto G, but this disappointment comes from the suggestion that this year’s model won’t be very different from last year’s.

According to a video that initially appeared on YouTube (and which is now available through Google+), the Moto G 3 will have a Snapdragon 410 CPU, which at least bumps the budget range up to a 64-bit architecture.

However, the new phone’s 5-inch 720p display appears the same as the Moto G 2, as does its 1GB of RAM, 4G network support, 8GB storage and microSD expansion.

One notable improvement comes through the Moto G 3’s camera, which appears to have been bumped from 8-megapixel to 13-megapixel. The front camera is better too, seemingly having been bumped up from a 2-megapixel standard to a 5-megapixel one.

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It appears to be running Android 5.1.1, which is the very latest version of Google’s OS. As always, we’re expecting this to be more or less stock, with a couple of minor Motorola embellishments.

As 9to5Google points out, this video appears to have been backed up by separate photo leaks emanating from a couple of Chinese sources. This looks likely to be the Moto G we’ll be getting this year, then, but is it enough?