Monster Plasmas Arrive From LG

Size, as is so often the case, again proves an issue...

With the World Cup finals fast approaching I think it is fair to say we won’t be short of HD Ready TV choices. For a start there are the 18 we’ve reviewed in the last 18 days in our new TV section, but LG is about to use size to push its way through the pack.


The company once known by the dubious name Lucky Goldstar has unleashed six new models, three on the side of plasma and three joining the ranks of LCD. Most importantly, they’re big!

Predictably it is the plasmas which possess with greatest size with the new PY2R series (top) sprouting 50 and 60in models. Both are HD Ready and have 1366 x 768 resolutions though on sets this size I would have loved to see a native 1080p screen. The third member of the pack, the 42PC1d (below), is a 42incher with an lower 1024 x 768 res.


Both lines use the company’s ‘XD Engine’, the prerequisite proprietary upscaling technology every firm is coming out with about now in order to claim low def standard broadcasts won’t look naff. In addition another trademarked piece of wizardry called ‘Clear Filter’ claims to minimise reflection, glare, sun and all the other outdoors nasty things that exist away from the life of a dedicated couch potato. Analogue TV tuners are the order the day, but there are double HDMI inputs.

Prices have yet to be revealed, but these realistically specified sets have an equally realistic time frame hitting stores this month.


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