MoGo Mouse Spawns Snazzy Updates

One cult device leads to a flashy new offspring.

The mobile mouse market (mmm – I like that) is certainly heating up but Newton Peripherals’ MoGo Mouse was arguably the first to really get it going and it isn’t going to give up its crown without a fight.

Two new models have now emerged from the revolutionary first MoGo and – unsurprisingly – form factor is again the differentiator. Both the ‘X54’ and ‘X54 PRO’ are designed to fit into (and charge from) an ExpressCard/54 slot, bringing the range once again back to the cutting edge.

Like their predecessor, the Bluetooth based X54 and X54 PRO feature a clever ‘kickstand’ design allowing them to be transformed from a flat metallic card to a portable mouse while two indented finger pads help them to recreate the feel of a traditional desktop mouse. In addition the pair also have auto-on functionality when the mouse is removed from the ExpressCard/54 slot, are laser based and require no additional software for installation.

As for the differentiator between the two models it comes in application: the X54 targets the consumer space and features additional multimedia centric buttons enabling the user to change the volume during media playback and switch between tracks and movie scenes. By contrast, the PRO appeals to the business user and its secondary mode is presentation focused with buttons allowing slides to be switched between and there is even a built in laser pointer to help illustrate key points.

Coming to the market next month, the X54 and X54 PRO will retail for an identical £54.99 and for the regular road warrior they look as utterly indispensible as the original.


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