Mobile Space? surfACE!

Harry Hill references aside, this comes a little out of left field but its pretty unique and we like the look of it!

As Monty Python famously said: “Now for something completely different”. What we have is something that caught the eye amongst our usual mailbag of chip-based ”this” and Mhz-based ”that”, a rather niftly (is that a word? I’m going to use it anyway) designed… well, we’re not sure what to call it…


For convenience sake let’s dub it a laptop “rest”, the designer edgeBLUR calls it a “companion” (but we don’t much like that description either). Essentially what we’ve got (and pictures are worth a thousand words here, so there’s a lot of them!) is a little mobile table that appears perfect for users to sit their laptops on when slouched in a chair or sitting up in bed.


Called the surfACE (very clever), this little beauty primarily serves to eliminate the phenomenon we like to call “Thigh Burn” – that awful singeing sensation when you notice your laptop is beginning to not only heat, but cook the meat inside your legs. It creeps up on you as well, since you are nearly always absorbed by web trawling or gaming at the time.


The second major benefit to us is – due to the holes in the rest top – is it opens up the bottom of your laptop for better heat distribution meaning the fan should need to come on less often consequently battery life increases. For gamers too, the side rests should prove a godsend when connecting a mouse since everyone knows touchpads and trackpoints are useless for gaming and a mouse mat is not much good when positioned on a soft sofa arm.

Ingeniously, the surfACE is “double sided” too meaning it can be flipped upside down when in a chair with arms, or placed the other way up hospital tray-style if you are in bed.


The surfACE is available in two stylings: clear or translucent white acrylic and both feature aluminium columns. Style does not come cheaply at $159 and $164 respectively and since edgeBLUR is a new company it is still shipping direct from the US. Still, its looking to source UK disties right now and we have to applaud originality. These little blighters are saving the thighs of the general public right now.

”’Update 28.07.2005:”’

Edgeblur has dropped the price of the surfACE significantly. The clear acrylic model now retails for $119, with the translucent white varient coming in at $115. Check out our review here.


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