Facetime bug sends audio to callers before you answer

Apple is rushing to release a fix after a software bug was discovered allowing iPhone users to listen in on users who haven’t yet accepted a video call.

This bug allows people using FaceTime video to hear audio from a called device, even if the owner hasn’t yet accepted the call.

The Verge, who found the glitch, revealed that it’s achieved as part of Apple’s recently added group video calling feature, which premiered in Facetime in October. It works when you start a FaceTime call and then add your own phone number to the call before anyone answers, which will start sending audio.

Apple are expecting to release a fix sometime this week in a software update and in the meantime the group FaceTime feature has been made unavailable.


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is one of several people warning people about the bug on social media, although it’s as yet unknown exactly how many people were affected.

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In my case, it’s likely anyone trying to listen in would just hear the rattle of a mechanical keyboard and the Trusted Towers stereo playing Charli XCX’s 1999 on repeat. However, this is a serious problem and a very bad look for Apple. A swift resolution is surely a priority,

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