Mobile Calls On Any MP3 Player

A combination of Bluetooth and some clever thinking from Tekkeon.

There are quite simply oodles of iPod accessories out there and most of them aren’t worth the cheap plastic they’re manufactured with, so it’s a pleasant surprise to see one company think first and build later.


Tekkeon is the firm in question and though its name may sound like a famous console beat em up, the idea behind its ‘myTalker’ add-on is far from rough and ready. It goes as follows: plug the myTalker into the iPod’s headphone socket then your headphones into it and suddenly you can make and receive mobile phone calls directly from your beloved MP3 player. What’s more, it isn’t just Apple’s baby the myTalker will work with, but anything that uses a 3.5mm headphone jack which is well… everything.

How it works is akin to the Bluetooth car kits that are cropping up with increasing regularity (I have one myself). When myTalker is plugged it in scans for and then pairs itself with your mobile (provided it is Bluetooth enabled, obviously). All incoming or outgoing calls are then diverted directly to your audio player’s headphones. The user speaks through a mic built into myTalker, which clips onto your clothing. Size is of the essence here and at just 4.8 x 2.7 x 1.2cm it shouldn’t prove too bulky. Stamina isn’t half bad either with the supplied rechargeable lithion-ion battery lasting for five hours of continuous talk time or 120 hours on standby (”yes Steve, there’s an indicator”).

On top of the answer/end functionality the myTalker interface also allows for call reject, hold, call waiting answer, conference, last number redial and call transferring to and from myTalker to a mobile phone. Voice dialling is supported and volume can be controlled either directly from your player or myTalker.

So should you want to freak out your friends by having a conversation directly into your MP3 player (or at least convince them you’ve finally gone mad) myTalker may appeal. It goes on sale in February and costs a pretty darn reasonable $74.95.