Mitsubishi To Produce 3D Blu-ray Player

Says its working with a "games console manufacturer" as well.

We love high-definition content here in the TrustedReviews office, but if there’s one thing that kicks HD in the shorts, then it’s probably 3D. Admittedly I may be alone in that opinion but I’m entitled to it and Mitsubishi seems to agree because it has bundled a small contingent of US press members onto a golf course to show off just that.

Apparently you’re going to need a 120MHz TV in order to view the 3D content as it stands, because the technology works by splitting the left and right channels (so to speak) of the 3D image into concurrent 60MHz pictures. While this means that the technology will work with DLP projectors and TVs (which all have 120MHz native refresh rates) it does limit the compatible number of plasma and LCD screens at present, although models do exist that will.

Even more intriguing are claims that a Blu-ray player is in production which will convert standard 2D content into 3D on-the-fly, quite how this works isn’t yet clear, but the principle definitely sounds interesting.

There is supposedly also a games console manufacturer interested in the tech, which would imply Sony, seeing as Microsoft are one of the biggest proponents of HD DVD and the Wii can’t do HD. Unless there’s been an update to the Atari or N64 no-one informed me of. Company reps are reported as saying the 3D player could be ready early next year and I for one look forward to seeing the final product.

Crave story.

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