Misfit Shine launched in the UK as waterproof sports activity tracker

The Misfit Shine has been launched in the UK as a waterproof, Bluetooth fitness tracker that can be worn in various locations on the body.

Launching in the UK for the first time today, the Misfit Shine is waterproof to 50m and offers a light, metal design that can be utilised with a number of accessories

It retails for £99.95 in John Lewis and Selfridges and comes with a sports wristband and magnetic loop for attaching to your clothing.

Misfit Shine Features
Looking to compete with the likes of the Nike FuelBand and FitBit Flex, the Misfit Shine is a fitness tracker encased in a slimline metal disc around the size of a 50p piece.

It is made from a solid-block of aircraft aluminium, and certainly has a touch of Apple about it. In fact, one of the three Misfit founders is former Apple CEO John Sculley.

Your fitness progress is displayed via a halo of lights in 5 per cent intervals. These lights are also used to show the time, with a solid light for the hour and a flashing indicator for the minutes.

It is capable of recognising when the user is carrying out different sports such as basketball, tennis or football, and as it is waterproof to 50m it can be used while swimming too.

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Powered by your average watch 3V cell battery, you won’t need to change the battery for at least 4 months. That means you don’t need any cables and there’s no buttons or ports to ruin the design.

The free Shine App, available for iOS devices and an Android version is coming very shortly, offers information on your various activities, personalise your goals and see your progress.

It can also be used to see how well you are sleeping, breaking down your sleep pattern into hours.

The Shine simply syncs by placing the device on top of your app wielding smartphone.

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Misfit Shine