Mio Launches 3D Landmarks & Landscapes GPS

Now that's a real step forward.

Most years IFA is dominated by home cinema and GPS products, 2007 is no different…

Standing out from the crowd however is the latest portable navigation tech from Mio because the company has come up with the first devices to display directions with accurate landscape mapping and 3D landmarks.

The newly announced ‘C620’ and ‘C620t’ (t for traffic management) are the beneficiaries since they come loaded with MioMap 2008 – Mio’s latest onboard software – and, vitally, data from Tele Atlas since it is the brains behind the elevated landscapes and 3D modelling. Interestingly, since Tele Atlas also provides its software to other GPS manufacturers such as TomTom, Wayfiner and Navicore we could soon be seeing it in rival products, but as of today Mio is numero uno.

Aside from this ground breaking (sorry, bad pun) feature however little is currently known about the C620 or C620t. They will both sport 4.3in widescreen displays and offer split-screen views as well as the ability to play back MP3 files but that’s about it. Dimensions, pricing, availability – all nadda.

In fact, photography hasn’t even been released, so the pics above are grabbed from Tele Atlas’ site demoing its tech (clever eh?).

Vagaries aside, the C620 and C620t (and any other Tele Atlas based devices that follow them) are going to present a massive step forward for GPS. The ability to recreate surrounding areas should – at least in theory – help drivers to more easily equate the onscreen directions with the world around them.

On the other hand, it could lead to mass pile-ups as users stare gormlessly at 3D Eiffel Towers and mutter “That’s puurrty”.

”’Update:”’ Mio has just thrown us these shots of the C620. The interface has been customised a little from Tele Atlas’ original, but it’s looking good.

Mio Press Release
Tele Atlas

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