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Miitomo launch trailer shows off what Nintendo’s smartphone app can do

The Miitomo launch trailer has given us a chance to see what Nintendo’s first smartphone app can do.

The app allows you to create and dress up your own in-game avatar, or Mii, and then answer random questions asked to you, to which friends can then judge the responses.

You Mii will also be given a voice, which will then speak back the answers you type, and friends will also say their answers using basic text-to-speech software, meaning everyone has a slightly-eery robotic voice.

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The last feature shown off is Miifoto, where you can pose your avatar in different positions before taking a snap, or take a picture of yourself with your Mii, which can then be shared via social media.

To start with Miitomo looks like a pretty basic app, hopefully it will grow with more advanced features and options post-launch.

Miitomo will launch some time this month as a free download for mobile devices.