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Mifo addresses issues with its headphones and deliveries

Trusted Reviews has received a number of complaints about Mifo’s after-sales care, so we’ve asked the company for a response to these problems.

We reviewed Mifo O5 Plus wireless earbuds in January 2020 and, despite some flaws, felt they were good enough to receive a four-star rating.

However, we subsequently received a number complaints about the quality of Mifo’s headphones and its after-sales service. As such, we contacted Mifo for a response, and the. company has shed some light on the issues customers have been experiencing:

“We appreciate Trusted Reviews bring these issues to our attention. This is no doubt regarding orders from low price vendors and non-official channels.

“For those that have ordered product via the official Mifo UK website or Amazon UK page, shipping will be negatively impacted due to Coronavirus, and this is flagged during checkout.

“As I’m sure you are aware, it is unfortunately common-place for counterfeit products to be purchased in bulk and illegally resold in another market without Mifo’s knowledge or consent. Similarly, returned units may collect dust in a wholesaler area and are at times, refurbished without our consent, then resold as new. We constantly strive to shut this down, and are about to release an inventory management system that allows us to precisely track each unit end to end.

“If someone did not purchase directly from us, then we cannot provide customer service or refunds. We inform them that they should contact the supplier from which they purchased the item in question.”

For readers who’ve emailed their issues with Mifo to Trusted Reviews, we have passed them onto Mifo in the hope the company will address them appropriately. We will be returning the rating to our review of the Mifo O5, but will insert a paragraph at the top of the review noting the difficulties some consumers have had.

Until we feel satisfied that these issues have been remedied, we will be keeping that PSA in our review for the foreseeable future.