Miffy MP3 Player Launches

I want one of these now!

I might be betraying my status as TrustedReviews’ youngest member of staff by some years here, but I really, really want a Miffy MP3 player from mobiBLU. Technically it’s called the A50, but I’m calling it the MP3 Miffy and I think it’s brilliant!

Looking almost too cute for words by itself, MP3 Miffy also comes with an awesome docking cradle with a built in speaker which is just adorable. You can see just how adorable from the video and images below.

Sadly there’s no way of knowing whether MP3 Miffy will ever make her way over to the UK. I for one will be doing my utmost to get my hands on one anyway. The iPod touch may have style, but Apple has nothing on Miffy when it comes to must-have desirability if you ask me.


Via Akihabara News.

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