Microsoft: ‘We have smart devices but use them in dumb ways’

Microsoft has suggested that the smartphone market is leaving users behind, stating “we have smart devices but use them in dumb ways”.

Although as consumers we now crave the latest iterative updates to our favourite smartphones, tablets and wearables, Microsoft has claimed that we are not yet fully maximising the true potential of our existing products.

“These things are not phones anymore, we need to move away from that paradigm and that whole conversation,” David Coplin, Microsoft Device’s Chief Envisioning Officer said speaking at a Microsoft Devices event last night.

He added: “At least they are smart but the humans who use them, use them in dumb ways.”

Although smartphones have become an integral part of many peoples’ lives, Coplin has suggested that users are missing the intelligent services which will turn the individual features of their smart devices into a complete, unified assistant.

“I have in my pocket a device which knows where I am, where I am going and knows who I talk to and the things I am interested in, but when do we ever let the device use that information to deliver me a service?” Microsoft’s Chief Envision Officer asked.

“We have smart devices but we use them in dumb ways.”

He added: “We think about these things in entirely the wrong way. We think about them in terms of being communications devices. We talk about them in the context of phones. If we’re lucky we might use apps, but in reality most people are just doing email.

“We have to start changing how we think about these devices.

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft believes it has the solution to this disjointed ‘smart’ experience.

 “At Microsoft we these devices are increasingly the window into the digital world,” Coplin said. “We are building services that we hope will change peoples’ experiences so that wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you are able to reach in to the very best of what the digital world has to offer.”

He added: “Once we are in the right place and we think in the right way about what mobility truly means to us, then we are able to go to the next level.

“Where we are going is in to a world of connected, intelligent services. For us, that means Cortana and it means a remedy for the fact that these devices can become smart.”

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