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Microsoft Surface Pro 8 could launch in January with LTE support

New reports suggest the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 will launch mid-January, packing a couple of new features including Intel Tiger Lake processors and optional LTE support.

This information is courtesy of Microsoft insider Zac Bowden via (Windows Central) who claims sources said, “the new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop will launch in mid-January and feature Intel 11th-generation processors with Intel Iris Xe graphics.”

Bowden also said that the launch will be “a quiet one” with it speculated that there won’t be a new design for the Surface Pro 8, and will therefore be a relatively minor upgrade on its predecessor.

Twitter user @cozyplanes also spotted listings and images for for the upcoming Surface Laptop 4 and Surface Pro 8 devices, which add more credence to the reports that Microsoft could be launching them next month.


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Microsoft Surface Pro 8 release date – When will it launch? 

The Surface Pro 8 is rumoured to arrive in mid-January 2021.

This is according to Microsoft expert Zac Bowden, who who the first to correctly report that Microsoft wouldn’t be launching the device in October 2020.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 price – How much will it cost?

The Surface Pro 8 will likely have a starting price of around £799.

This is the same original retail price of the Surface Pro 7, as Microsoft typically retains the same price point between generations. Although the reported LTE option will likely be slightly more expensive. 

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Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Specs – How powerful it be?

Microsoft expert Zac Bowden (via Windows Central) has indicated that his sources claim the Surface Pro 8 will feature Intel 11th-Generation processors (aka Tiger Lake) with Intel Iris Xe graphics.

This seems very likely to us, as Microsoft likes to use the latest and greatest mobile processors for its laptop range. The likes of Acer, Dell and Lenovo have already announced they’re moving onto Intel’s 11th Generation chips, so it’s no surprise to see Microsoft doing the same.

Intel claims Tiger Lake allows for improved battery life, while also seeing a 2x more powerful integrated graphics performance compared to its Ice Lake predecessor. Tiger Lake also supports Thunderbolt 4, although Microsoft has been reluctant to use Thunderbolt previously so there’s no guarantee it will feature on the Surface Pro 8.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 8 design – How will it look?

Leaked images provided by Twitter user @cozyplanes seemingly show the Surface Pro 8 to have an identical external design to its predecessor, which could indicate there will only be a specs upgrade come January.

This isn’t a huge shock, as Microsoft hasn’t altered the design for its convertible device for quite some time now, but it’s still nevertheless disappointing.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Credit: USPTO / Microsoft

Leaked patents from USPTO (that emerged in early 2020) showed the Surface Pro 8 kickstand could potentially feature solar panels or an integrated speaker. We’re not ruling out either just yet, with the leaked photos failing to show the kickstand, but we’re also very doubtful these features will come to fruition. Patents rarely indicate the features of an end product, so it’s best not to get your hopes up.