Microsoft Smartphone Rumour Rears Again

This one just won't go away...

It doesn’t matter how many times Steve Ballmer denies it, this is one rumour which just will not die…

Analyst Broadpoint AmTech is the originator this time and claims “multiple industry sources” have confirmed to it that the Redmond giant does indeed plan to wade into the iPhone/BlackBerry arena.

As you would expect the report is not big on detail though it does believe nVidia’s much anticipated Tegra chipset will be used to power the device and that it will be primarily touchscreen based. Obviously a Windows Mobile 6.5 (above)/7 OS would be at its heart too but how this would separate it from any standard HTC-esque device isn’t clear.

Furthermore, such a move would likely infuriate HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola et al who all make Windows Mobile based devices. Given all four have also admitted to being enthralled by Android it would be interesting to see whether a Microsoft handset would sending them running into Google’s arms?

That said, similar claims were made when Microsoft stomped into the antivirus world and there was little Symantec, MacAfee, Kaspersky, etc could do about it (even if OneCare has been a mess so far). So if the Redmond beastie has indeed made its mind up to make a smartphone there will be nothing these handset heavyweights will be able to do to change it…

via Broadpoint AmTech

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