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Microsoft has a silly new Anti-MacBook ad

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Apple and Microsoft duking it out in adverts. However, this latest attempt, an Australian Microsoft advertisement starring a Mackenzie Book, might be the silliest so far. Seriously. 

Apple and Microsoft have taken swings at each other before, famously with the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” adverts, which in the UK starred David Mitchell and Robert Webb. It was mostly an excuse to show how hip and cool the Mac was, in addition to a bunch of adverts that just poked fun at Vista. 

But you know, those were years back. The thinking was that maybe the two computing giants didn’t need to score points by sniping at each other. However, an Australian Microsoft ad is doing just that, hiring Mackenzie Book (Mac Book. Ha. Ha Ha Ha.) 

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The advert involves Mac Book talking about all of the ways the Surface Laptop 2 is better than a MacBook. It’s very very silly, even more so when you imagine that Microsoft’s ad agency had to hunt for a Mackenzie Book for the sole purpose of making the ad, just so they could use “Mac Book says Surface lasts longer” or “Mac Book says get a Surface Laptop” without Apple being able to claim foul play. 

Although, perhaps the casting process is actually easier when your sole requirement is that their name is Mackenzie Book. Either way, it’s a cringe-inducing advert that has managed to get exactly what they wanted out of it, insofar as i’m writing about it. Even if I’m doing so with a wince and my hands plastered over my face. 

Here’s hoping Apple keep it clean, and we don’t slide back into a fanboy goading war of adverts. After all, I’d hate to see Sir Thomas Face suggesting we buy a Macbook.