Microsoft Reveals Xbox 360 Live Pack

Turns a lowly Arcade system into a 60GB system.

If you spotted Microsoft’s offer of an Xbox storage upgrade for Aracde and core console owners and thought “sure, that’s great, but I need a bit more than 20GB of hard drive space,” then Microsoft has the package for you.

Available in the US only at the moment the bundle comprises a 60GB hard drive, wired headset, Ethernet cable and a three month Live Gold subscription. Oddly enough, exactly what marks the difference in package between the Arcade and 60GB system bundles.

Even more curiously, the Xbox 360 Live Pack costs $99 (~£60) which is the price difference between the Arcade and 60GB consoles. Not that we’re going to complain if Microsoft want to give Xbox owners the option to upgrade their consoles post-purchase.

We’ll have a UK release too please, Microsoft.

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