Microsoft Purchases Perceptive Pixel, Perfect Partnership?

Like its name, um, doesn’t really suggest, Perceptive Pixel deals with touch tech. In fact, one of the first Windows 8 showcases was hosted on an 82-inch Perceptive Pixel display with a whopping 100 simultaneous touch-points. You know, just in case they bring out an MLMWOG (Massively Local Multiplayer World of Goo).

With this acquisition, Microsoft is demonstrating just how serious it is about touch, which is no great surprise given its prominence in Windows 8’s Metro interface, and the fact that Microsoft is getting into the tablet hardware business with Surface.

Apparently, the maker of Windows 8 thinks that Perceptive Pixel’s massive touch screens will enable “powerful Windows 8-based PCs and open new possibilities for productivity and collaboration”. We’ll say!

Unfortunately, this tech is likely a few years down the road for us ordinary people, as it’s currently still in prototype stage.

Via FlatpanelsHD

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