Microsoft laughs in face of Brexit fears? Lumia 650 and 550 price slashed

Microsoft has price slashed the Lumia 650 and Lumia 550 in the UK and Ireland, bucking at trend of manufacturers that have increased prices in the wake of the Brexit vote.

OnePlus and Dell are among the big names to cop to increasing the cost of their wares due to the plummeting pound, but Microsoft apparently has no such concerns, knocking 20% off the Lumia 550 and trimming 25% off the Lumia 650 in the UK.

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The Lumia 650, which is nicely designed but criminally underpowered, gets cut from £160 to £120, while the Lumia 650 is brought down by £20 and is now retailing for £80 SIM-free.

Which is all well and good, if anyone out there actually wanted a Windows Phone.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, most smartphone users enjoy being able to do stuff like run useful apps on their devices, so while it’d be nice to think Satya and co are sticking two fingers up at the notion of economic instability, it’s more likely to be a last ditch attempt to flog its beleaguered devices.

Want to take your credit card for a walk? Just head to the Microsoft UK Store.

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