Microsoft NXE Hits Tomorrow

The arguably much-needed update we've all been waiting for.

Tomorrow is set to be a small taste of Christmas come early for all Xbox 360 owners. “Why?” you ask. Because tomorrow the long-awaited New Xbox Experience update hits bringing its numerous improvements, that’s why.

Top of the list is the redesigned interface. And trust me on this, having had a bit of hand-on time it really is a massive overhaul of the current (or previous, if you’re reading thin after the 19th) dashboard. Slick is the word that springs to mind immediately There’s also the addition of Avatars – basically the Xbox equivalent of the Nintendo’s Miis on the Wii – which, as well as allowing a greater degree of profile customisation, are apparently set to feature in a few upcoming games, too.

Also of great benefit to many owners will be hard drive installs. Being able to play Gears of War 2 online and communicate with team mates without having to shout over the sound of the DVD spinning constantly will be a huge boon!

Best of all – the update is free for one and all so there’s absolutely no reason not to grab it. Not even “I don’t have enough hard space” is a valid excuse, because Microsoft has taken care of that, too.