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Microsoft launches Surface RT trade-in for new Surface 3

Microsoft has announced a trade-in scheme for owners of the ailing Surface RT upgrading to the Surface 3.

The new Surface 3 went on sale today, and Microsoft is keen to push as many customers onto the new device as possible.

That’s because while Surface 3 will offer an upgrade to the upcoming Windows 10 operating system, Surface RT and Surface 2 won’t.

Microsoft’s next OS is landing as a cross-platform ecosystem, so it’s likely the company is eager to kill off any trace of the ill-fated Windows RT platform.

The Redmond, USA-based company is offering $150 for customers upgrading to a Surface 3 from either the Surface RT or Surface 2 as part of the trade-in scheme.

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There are a few caveats, however; firstly, this deal isn’t open to UK owners. It’s only launched in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, at least for now.

You also won’t get $150 for the Surface RT – this deal caps out at $100. But there is $150 up for grabs for a Surface 2, which launched a year after the RT.

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Don’t forget that the money you receive is based on the accessories and working condition of the device you’re trading in. Don’t expect a full-fat discount if your slate is a mashed up heap of components.

If you want to take part in the trade-in scheme, you can do so at Microsoft’s online store.

If you’re eager to find out when Microsoft will be putting Windows 10 on the Surface 3, you’ll need to wait until at least late July.

Microsoft hasn’t pinned down an exact date for the Windows 10 release unfortunately, but it’s assured that the Surface 3 will see the upgrade.