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Microsoft hints PC game streaming is coming to Xbox One

One of the Xbox One’s best selling points is the ability to stream the console’s games to a nearby Windows 10 PC via the Xbox app.

Now, it looks like Microsoft may be planning to make the reverse possible; enabling Xbox One owners to stream their PC games to the living room television.

Not only is the feature likely to be launched, according to a recent survey of gamers, it could also allow Windows 10 gamers to enjoy their titles with improved graphics and dashboards.

While nothing has been announced, keen-eyed Redditors spotted the feature listed on a questionnaire sent out to Xbox One users.

One question asked owners how excited they were to “play PC games on your Xbox One, enhanced with graphics and dashboards.”

As SlashGear points out, there’s a chance whomever wrote the survey had the question the wrong way around and was referring to streaming Xbox games to a PC. However, if the one is possible, there doesn’t seem to be any reason why the reverse wouldn’t be.

While Windows 10’s Xbox app solved accessing games while the living room TV was in use – similar to the PS4/PS Vita remote play – this would do the opposite.

It would allow PC users to get away from the desk and play from the comfort of their favourite easy chair while viewing the best screen in the house.

With Valve’s Steam Machines on the way, it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise to see Microsoft respond by making the Xbox One a vessel for PC games too.

Meanwhile, earlier today, we learned Microsoft doesn’t have any imminent plans to bring Xbox One streaming to Windows 10 Mobile… but is anyone going to be using Windows 10 Mobile anyway?