Microsoft Closes Windows 7 Beta Downloads

Deadline for new downloads swung shut today.

Attention everyone! Attention! Your chance to download the luscious Windows 7 beta from Microsoft has now gone. XP users you needed this. Vista owners you ”really” needed this (if only to see what Vista should have been).

This sad day comes after Microsoft not once, but twice extended the platform’s availability. At first it lifted the 2.5m downloads cap and secondly it pushed the deadline from January to this very day. If you did start downloading but have yet to finish then you have two days (s)drink(/s) download, erm… up time.

To recap, both 32bit and 64bit editions of Windows 7 were available for free evaluation in Arabic, English, German, Hindi and Japanese language options. Testers will have use of the beta until at least August when functionality will then become restricted but you will not be locked out of your computer altogether. Personally speaking I expect Microsoft to extend this if it hasn’t gotten Windows 7 out the door by then.

If you missed out, not all is lost however as Microsoft will continue to issue licence keys for the beta until August so if you know a friend who has a copy or can snag a copy from the various online/P2P sites then you’re still in business.

As for any tips? Well, I’ve been using Windows 7 as my primary OS for almost a month now and I’ve conversed and cogitated on the subject until the cows came home (then went back out again as I was too busy cogitating to feed them). My conclusion in all this:

Get It! Get it now!

Windows 7 Beta Download Page (Product keys still available)

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