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Microsoft is killing off its Microsoft Band, but you might get some money back

Two years ago, Microsoft sold its last remaining inventory of the Microsoft Band 2, and confirmed that no more would be made. At the time, it said that it would “continue to invest in the Microsoft Health platform”, but that commitment has come to an end.

The Windows maker sent out emails to all Microsoft Band users on Friday night informing them that the Health Dashboard would shut down on May 31 2019, killing key functionality of the Microsoft Band. This includes the ability to reset it, as the setup process relies on cloud services that are soon to be killed.

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While any functionality reliant on cloud services will cease to function on June 1, Microsoft says that core abilities will remain, including daily health information, workout tracking and sleep analysis.

Appreciating that this cut-down feature set might not be ideal for the Band’s existing fans, Microsoft has announced that it will provide refunds for users – but only those who are actually still using it. As a result, the company will pay Band 1 owners $79.99 and Band 2 owners $175 – but only if they’ve synced with the Health Dashboard between December 1 2018 and March 1 2019.

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Regardless of whether you meet that criteria, you’ll want to export your data from Health Dashboard before the end of May. Microsoft has provided some instructions to follow, should you wish to move your fitness data to another provider.

Back in 2016, we gave the Microsoft Band 2 a 3.5-star rating, praising its bright 320×128 AMOLED display and myriad sensors, but highlighting its weak battery life and limited support for iOS and Android. At the time, Microsoft was still pushing the Windows Phone: it really was a different time.

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