Microsoft At Sixes With Windows 7s

Curse of the multiple SKUs strikes again.

Oh Microsoft, you were doing so well – ”how could you”…?

To prove it still hasn’t learnt from all the mistakes it made with Vista, Microsoft has officially confirmed the Windows 7 SKUs – all ”’six”’ of them. Yes my chums, sadly was right last month (though it only detected five – as pictured below) and here’s the damage:

”’Windows 7 Starter”’

Super budget edition which limits users to using three simultaneous applications (why oh why?!) and lacks the snazzy Aero UI

”’Windows 7 Home Basic”’

Shipping only to emerging markets (also lacking Aero UI)

”’Windows 7 Home Premium”’

The one you’re most likely to end up with: mass availability, unlimited simultaneous applications, Aero UI, multi-touch functionality, Media Center integration and disc burning with home networking

”’Windows 7 Professional”’

OEM only edition which builds on Premium by offering more advanced networking including domain support and offline folders as well as Mobility Center and a Presentation Mode

”’Windows 7 Enterprise”’

Sold with volume licences (so often the edition to get hacked and passed around the torrents), it adds Branch Cache, Direct Access and BitLocker to the Professional feature list.

”’Windows 7 Ultimate”’

The edition we never thought we’d see again after the horrendously overpriced and neglected Vista version. It will be produced in limited numbers and combines the feature set of Enterprise with special Microsoft made ‘bonus’ content. Hopefully this time that will be more than a few incidental games and destroy-your-battery-life video wallpapers .

Pricing on the sextet has yet to be revealed but expect them to stick close to the current Vista breakdowns and hey, at least Microsoft now has one black and white flaw to work on for Windows 8…

via Geekzone NZ

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