Microsoft Announces ‘Fix it’ Solutions

Why solve a problem with Windows yourself? Let Microsoft clear up its own mess!

For everything Microsoft does to frustrate me, I have to give the company credit that occasionally it does something smart. Microsoft ‘Fix it’ is under the later category and reading the press release was a real “why hasn’t this been done before?” moment.

The premise is simple: Microsoft will be adding the Fix it button pictured above to various knowledge board articles, enabling users to download an executable file in order to solve common problems. I can’t imagine I’m alone in considering that a real stroke of genius.

As well as appearing on Microsoft’s website, these Fix it download will even show up in Windows Error Reporting solution pop-ups, which any Vista user should be familiar with by now. Seeing “click here to fix your problem” rather than “this problem is caused by Windows, please contact Microsoft to see if there is a solution” – with no clue as to the problem itself – will almost certainly result in a noticeable drop in the average blood pressure of Windows users globally.

Better still, users can submit requests for problems they wish to see ‘Fix it’ solutions for, if there isn’t one already. Hopefully given enough time I’ll never have to dive into the bloody registry ever again to, for example, make so simple a change as having Windows remember my customised folder views!

Before anyone asks: no, there is not a quick fix for “Windows Vista” which makes the OS good. I refuse to entertain such archaic jokes.

Microsoft ‘Fix it’.

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