Microsoft Adds Two BlueTrack Mice, One Keyboard

Exciting? Probably not. Useful? Likely so.

Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology has proved itself worthy of acclaim, at least to us, in both the Explorer and SideWinder X8 mice. It’s with open arms, therefore, that I welcome the Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 and Wireless Mouse 5000, both of which also use BlueTrack sensors. I am, however, pretty ambivalent towards the Wireless Keyboard 3000.

The Wireless Keyboard 3000 uses 2.4GHz wireless coupled with a mini transceiver, features ‘quiet touch’ keys, a thin profile design and a soft-touch palm rest. The 3000 ‘board is also available as the Wireless Desktop 3000 bundled with the Wireless Mouse 5000. This features an ambidextrous design and a snap-in transceiver improving portability.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 is also ambidextrous in design and is Microsoft’s first with a ‘nano’ transceiver, which juts out a mere 0.8mm from the USB port into which it is fitted and which also slots into the mouse when not in use.

In the US the Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000, Wireless Mouse 5000, Wireless Desktop 3000 and Wireless Keyboard 3000 will be available for $49.95 (~£30), $39.95 (~£25), $69.95 (~£45) and $39.95 (~£25), respectively, in June. UK prices probably won’t stray far from a direct dollar to pound conversion.


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