Metroid Prime 4: Nintendo confirms that development is “proceeding well”

Nintendo’s biggest announcement at last year’s E3 was definitely Metroid Prime 4. Although we didn’t get a release date, gameplay trailer or even story information, Nintendo did confirm the game was in development exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Trusted Reviews has rounded up all the latest news about the sequel. We’ll be updating this page as new information crops up so be sure to bookmark it!

Metroid Prime 4 news – what’s the latest?


E3 2018 has been and gone without a mention of Metroid Prime 4. So what’s going on with it? In a recent interview with Game Informer, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime said that Prime 4 is “still in development and proceeding well” despite radio silence.

‘Last year was important to us to message to the Metroid fan that there was a Metroid Prime experience in development, as we showed Metroid: Samus Returns for the 3DS. We didn’t want that fan to say “You just launched a new system, when are you going to bring me a Metroid on that platform?” We said it was coming. This year, with so many games launching effectively between [now] and the first half of next year, we wanted to focus on those games. Rest assured, Metroid Prime 4 is still in development and proceeding well.’

What is Metroid Prime 4?

Intended as a sequel to 2007’s Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Prime 4 is currently in development for the Switch. It remains unknown whether it will maintain the same gameplay formula, narrative and visual stylings of past entries to the series.

Metroid Prime 4 release date – When is it coming out?

Not for a while. Having been announced with nothing but a brief logo and platform at E3, Nintendo is yet to divulge any release details for Metroid Prime 4.

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Metroid Prime 4 trailer – How does it look?

The announcement trailer was as cryptic as can be, teasing fans with nothing more than a logo and development platform. It was more than enough, though, sending us into a hype-filled frenzy.

Metroid Prime 4 wishlist – What we’d love to see

A huge galaxy to explore

Metroid Prime 1, 2 and 3 were huge games, especially for their time. Throughout their duration Samus Aran would explore a range of different planets, all of which felt utterly unique in their challenge and visual style.

We’d love to see the fourth instalment present a world that is even bigger. A setting filled with enemies, puzzles, and secrets to discover would work perfectly on Nintendo Switch, lending each session a sense of rewarding progression. It doesn’t need to be a traditional open-world, but something far vaster than previous entries.

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Help catch up new players

It’s hard to believe that the first Metroid Prime launched for Nintendo Gamecube way back in November 2002. The franchise is 15 years old at this point, so there are bound to be new players who have never experienced Metroid Prime before.

Nintendo should strive to re-introduce Samus Aran and her strange yet wonderful world in a way that leaves a substantial impact. Perhaps an in-game theatre could chronicle the narrative of past games, or we could even receive some Metal Gear Solid 4-esque flashbacks spliced into cutscenes.

A game made for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Wii helped Metroid Prime 3: Corruption shine with some truly creative usage of its motion controls. Pulling open doors, solving puzzles and blasting enemies proved to be incredibly satisfying. But, that was back in 2007, and Metroid Prime 4 has a lot of catching up to do.

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We’re excited to see how Metroid Prime 4 aims to make use of Nintendo Switch and its joy-con controllers. HD Rumble is a sleek feature we’ve only seen in 1-2 Switch thus far, and it has a ton of potential in the realm of science-fiction. Rolling Samus about using the joy-con or unlocking a devious door could be fun, immersive little ways to improve gameplay.

Amiibo functionality also goes without saying, with a slew of new amiibo launching alongside the game to supply the player with bonus items, weapons and more.

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