Meridian Makes Uber-Powerful Ferrari DAB Hi-Fi

Fully featured and Ferrari priced too...

I already thought the Ferrari ‘technology contract’ had been tied up by Acer, but after checking out this stunning licensed stereo system clearly I was wrong.

The ‘F80’ from UK audio specialists Meridian is a high end Hi-Fi which simply screams out to be sat in my living room. It comprises a DAB/FM/AM tuner, CD and DVD compatible slot loading drive and – like a Ferrari itself – promises to blow your ears off.

The reason is this compact unit creates a veritable wall of sound despite its compact design with no less than 80W (yes, eighty) bellowing out from its sculpted lines. Now compare this with your average portable Hi-Fi (around 10W) or even a 40in LCD TV (normally around 20W). As you might expect, in order to achieve this feat the F80 employs a 2.1 front mounted speaker system with an independent subwoofer squeezed into the rear. Finally, should the radio be hitting a dull moment and CDs and DVDs seem so last millennium then the F80 can hook up to an iPod/mp3 player.

Of course all this high tech tomfoolery comes at a price and at £1,495 we are certainly in proportionate Ferrari territory. Should this not put you off (want to be friends?) then you’ll have a choice of red, black, silver, white and yellow finishes. The F80 is out now with limited-no-doubt-even-more-expensive-editions coming later this year.