Mensa Brain Test App Goes Multi-Platform

Ever fancied testing your IQ and training your brain the Mensa way? Well, now anyone can. After a successful launch on the iPhone, Mensa Brain Test is now coming to Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone.

Produced by Appshen, in partnership with Barnstorm Games and Mensa, Mensa Brain Test lets you put your grey matter to the test with over 200 classic Mensa IQ questions to do with spacial awareness, mathematical logic and linguistic logic, and more.

Mensa Brain Test AndroidMensa Brain Test NokiaMensa Brain Test BlackBerry

The app provides three modes; short (20 questions), medium (40

questions) and long (60 questions), so you should find one that fits

your commute time.

Prices are as follows:
Android: £1.29
BlackBerry: $1.99
Nokia Ovi: £1.50
Windows Phone: £1.49

Available immediately, you’ve now got no excuse not to down those games and get truly testing your brain. If you do download the app, let us know your scores in the comments.