Meet the Trekkie who spent $1.5m turning his theatre room into the Enterprise

A Star Trek fanatic has spent an eye-popping $1.5 million on creating a replica of the USS Enterprise bridge in his home theatre room.

Marc Bell, a Trekkie who lives in Boca Raton, Florida, spent $1 million on memorabilia alone, including a statue of Borg and a host of costumes worn in Star Trek: First Contact. He’s even got a pair of prosthetic ears worn by Leonard Nimoy’s Spock.

The Wall Street Journal was taken on a tour of the 11-seat theatre, which boasts replicas of the turbolift doors and a circular transporter which opens with the familiar “whoosh.”

Everything you see in the room is custom, down to the little architectural detail,” said 48-year-old Mr. Bell who has been building his dream theatre for four years.

Mr Bell has even added fibre optic ceiling lighting that mimics the feeling of moving through space, while the hydraulics underneath the floor cause it to shake along with the on-screen action.

There’s also JBL speakers that’ll match up to most theatres, although he intends to upgrade those to a Dolby Atmos system along with ceiling speakers and a 4K projector.

You can boldly go where only Mr Bell and his, likely many, mates have gone before in the video below.

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