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Meet the ‘smart’ nightlight that belongs anywhere but your bedroom

One of the downsides of modern tech fandom is its uncanny ability to get in the way of a good night’s sleep. Sometimes it’s difficult to just disconnect and all that blue light from the screens plays havoc with our circadian rhythm.

Which is why we about threw up on our smartphone when this ‘smart’ nightlight popped-up on Kickstarter.

Believe it or not, the Aumi mini is a nightlight that can be programmed to alert you to social media notifications like Twitter retweets or mentions or Facebook tags.

When you’re trying to relax from a hard-days work it’ll also let you know when that all-important email from your boss that couldn’t possibly wait till morning hits your inbox.

No. Just… no. 


The Wi-Fi enabled nightlight will plug into any USB adapter (it fits best with an iPhone adapter), and will flash with a choice of 16 million colours and in a range of patterns.

Provided you can get past the obnoxious social media and email notifications, there are some quite useful applications promised by Aumi.

It’ll sync with your smart locks and light up when one of them is opened and it’ll flash red when your Wi-Fi network is down. If you’ve got washing on the line, it’ll let you know if rain is on the way and it’s also compatible with IFTTT, so users will be able to come up with a host of custom recipes (via The Verge).

The company does say it’ll work as a nightlight ‘with a soft warm glow’ if you don’t want the flurry of notifications coming in, but that kinda defies its point, right?

Unsurprisingly, it’s going down well on Kickstarter and has comfortably surpassed its $22,000 goal with more with 27 days to go. The project comes from the same folks behind the Aumi nightlight, which was also successfully funded via Kickstarter.

Would you welcome a Aumi mini anywhere in your house? Or is tech imposing on our R&R time too much? Share your thoughts below.