McDonalds To Offer Limitless Free WiFi

Nothing more than a single coffee required...

Perhaps in retaliation to Starbucks’ exclusive deal with Apple, fellow fast food and drink joint McDonald’s has announced it will soon offer free unrestricted wireless access in all of its 1,200 UK restaurants.

As such all customers will have the option to use their laptops, mobile phones and games consoles without fees and there will be no limit to what must be ordered to use the hotspots or for how long they can be accessed.

McDonalds also claims the move could save regular hotspot users up to £260 per year as it aims to convert the company into a recognised ‘pit stop’ for business suits and away from its image as a semi-permanent home for those in tracksuits.

An ambitious deadline of 31 December has been set for all UK McD restaurants to be WiFi equipped and, at a stroke, it will make the company the UK’s largest single wireless hotspot provider. The move isn’t restricted to the UK however, in the US 8,000 of its 13,000 restaurants already have WiFi up and running and the pressure will now be on its competitors to come up with something similar.

So is it hats off to McDonalds? Absolutely.

Will it be enough to make me step foot into the places? Not a friggin’ chance!

McDonalds UK