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Mass Effect Andromeda update makes some welcome changes

Bioware has released a new patch for Mass Effect: Andromeda that remedies a number of problems fans have had since launch.
Update 1.08 is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC, although is yet to receive a confirmed release date.

Bioware has detailed all of the forthcoming changes in a blog post, including significant updates to character creation tools and select dialogue options.
Some questionable dialogue involving a transgender character has been altered, and players can now change Ryder’s appearance mid-game while aboard The Tempest.
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Additional romance options for Scott Ryder have also been introduced, who now has further male options to choose from both within his squad and throughout the entire experience.
You can even get up close and personal with Jaal, whose romantic dialogue will differ depending on the character’s gender.
It’s ace to see Bioware embracing so many inclusive options throughout Andromeda and addressing player concerns while they’re at it.
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