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Mass Effect 4: Bioware asks for fan input for Xbox One and PS4 trailer

Bioware has started asking fans for input for its debut Mass Effect 4 teaser trailer, prompting speculation that the game may not be released until 2015.

Yanick Roy, Studio Director BioWare Montreal, posted a tweet from his personal account that asked fans what they would like to see in the Mass Effect 3 follow-up.

“When we release a teaser trailer for the next ME, like DA3 just did, what would you like to see? What question would you like answered?” tweeted Roy from his personal account.

BioWare announced that it would be developing another Mass Effect game back in March, and although it did say it wouldn’t be called Mass Effect 4, has yet to offer any details as to plot details, release date or time setting.

However, Roy’s tweet seems to confirm that BioWare itself still has few of these aspects set in stone, seeking out what fans would like to see in the teaser trailer footage.

“When the game takes place and who you get to play are very strong trends in your answers,” Roy later tweeted.

Developers from the label have suggested players could take control of existing characters like Garrus, Grunt or less developed cast members like Aria or even the Illusive Man. Players won’t be controlling Commander Shepard, as with the existing Mass Effect trilogy, but who they will play is still up for debate.

Taking place within “a fresh and new” universe, Mass Effect fans answering Roy’s question are far more interested in the game’s storyline, rather than the gameplay, combat system or other aspects of the game.

“And while I’m sure you’d want both, I’m getting more requests about story than gameplay. It makes sense, it’s core to a BioWare game!”

Widely tipped to make an appearance at E3 2013, any Mass Effect news was conspicuously absent from the annual gaming conference, despite BioWare showing a new Dragon Age 3: Inquisition teaser trailer and revealing the game wouldn’t be released until 2014.

Such an absence suggest that Mass Effect 4 won’t be available until 2015 and running on the Frostbite 3 engine, we should see Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and PC platforms supported.

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