Marvel’s Spider-Man: What are the best costumes?

What’s the point of fighting crime if you can’t look good doing it, eh? In addition to our Marvel’s Spider-Man review, and our tips and tricks guide, we thought we’d give you what you really wanted, the suits.

There are no story spoilers here, but you might get spoilers for some really cool fan service. In fact, TrustedReviews has scored this costumes on three points

  1. How cool the costumes look
  2. How good the powers are
  3. How excited it makes me as a fan

So, here’s the 100 percent accurate list of the 10 best ways to dress up your Spider-Man in Sony’s latest superhero-’em up. There are plenty more suits out there, these are just the ones we like the best.

10: Spider-Man Noir suit

As the wise sage, Will Smith once said, “good guys dress in black, remember that.” Spider-Man’s Noir suit, inspired by his appearance in the Noir universe, might not fit the bill entirely: Spider-Man is wearing a gun here, but it still looks cool when you’re slinking around a warehouse taking out the last remnants of Fisk’s operation.

Also, his power stops people that discover you from calling for help. Perfect for the super-hero on the prowl.

9: Spider-Man’s Fear Itself suit

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Whoever said that there was nothing to fear but fear itself has never encountered the quad damage offered by this suit, allowing you to punch, kick and throw with reckless abandon. It’s not clear if Spider-Man has ever ripped and torn, but in this costume, with its particle effects and glowing edges, it feels pretty close.

8: Stark Industries Spidey-Suit

This suit wins big on fan service, as it’s the suit given to Peter Parker by Tony Stark in the recent Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, but doesn’t look that exciting, and has a fairly rubbish power, with a little robot Spider-Bro that shows up to fight enemies with you.

7: Iron Spider Suit

Again, lots of fan-service with this Spider-Man suit from the Avengers: Infinity War flick. The suit comes with extra arms for Parker to put the hurt on people, and while the power is a bit rubbish, when you fall from height with the arms extended they splay out above you and it looks cool.

6: Spirit Spider

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I can kinda see the Ghost Rider thing they were going for here, but this is more ghost rubbish. It’s only even at number 6 because we wanted to surprise you with it.

5: The Last Stand suit

A deep cut here, The Last Stand Spider-Man outfit is mentioned in a 2003 comic. This Spidey is a bad dude, killing Kraven the Hunter to avenge some victims and then murdering Doc Ock too. Everyone loves a bad boy though, and this get-up is a good way to get down and dirty with some thugs. Better, this suit’s ability means enemies can’t block your attacks or stagger you, so brawl without interruptions.

4: Homemade suit

There’s no gawkier way to pummel enemies than in a suit you made yourself. This suit doesn’t even have powers. It’s just silly. Mark my words, if I ever get into an industrial accident in the Trusted Reviews office and emerge with superpowers, I want my crime-fighting suit to look as awkwardly ridiculous as this.

3: The Scarlet Spider

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The suit worn by Peter Parker’s clone Ben Reilly, this is right up there as something the fans want to see, but it also has a cool power: holographic copies of Spider-Man that shock enemies who attack them.

It’s quite unique in the game, but also in a place where a lot of these costumes share the same basic motif, this is satisfyingly different without turning your head into a fiery skull.

2: Spider-Armour

This suit makes you gleam nicely in the sun, and it’s the shiniest suit on our list. However, it also comes with the power to make you completely impervious to all damage and interruptions. This late-game suit is pretty much the best in the game in terms of power and shininess.

1: Cel-shaded Spider-Man

Definitely the best costume in the game. It’s not that this character is a perfect comic book rendition of Spider-Man, a cel-shaded giant in a photo-realistic world. It’s not that everyone looks ridiculous when they’re in a frame with Cel-Spidey. It’s not even the beautiful way the blue/black aspect of the costume shimmers and changes in the sunlight.

It’s the fact that his special ability is to quip. It does nothing, Spider-Man just hurls out a dumb quip. Perfect. Nothing could be more Spidey.

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