Mario Kart Tour: Everything we know about the mobile racer

Nintendo has revealed that its beloved racer is coming to smartphones in the form of Mario Kart Tour, an all new entry in the long-running series that could take it in a completely new direction. Nintendo has slowly begun rolling out its biggest franchises into the world of phones and this could be the most exciting one yet.

Trusted Reviews has compiled everything you need to know about Mario Kart Tour including all the latest news, release date, gameplay and our very own wishlist of potential features.

What is Mario Kart Tour?

No information has been released for Mario Kart Tour beyond a brief logo and the announcement of the game on Nintendo’s social media channels. We’ll be sure to update this page once we know more.

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Mario Kart Tour release date

Alongside its announcement Nintendo confirmed that Mario Kart Tour will launch “in the fiscal year ending in March 2019,” so it’s possible we’ll see a release later in 2018 for iOS and Android.

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Mario Kart Tour wishlist

Play with our friends from social media

One of the best features of Super Mario Run, Miitomo and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is how they were implemented into social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Seamlessly sending gifts and requests to real-world friends was a blast and kept us coming back for more on a daily basis.

Mario Kart Tour could benefit hugely from such a feature if it takes on the competitive elements of its predecessors. Setting a new time trial record and daring a friend to beat it while riding the bus or catching a train sounds like a great way to pass the time in our book.

Seamless multiplayer

Mario Kart has possessed wireless multiplayer since the original DS, and we expect this feature to return with the release of Tour. Modern smartphones are far more powerful than handhelds from 2005 so we’re hoping for fast, fluid multiplayer on the go.

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mario kart 8 deluxe

Plenty of ways to customise our karts

We can already see cosmetic options being used in Mario Kart Tour as unlockables and optional in-game purchases, so we’d love for Nintendo to go all out and provide plenty of variety.

Miitomo and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp both held special events with unique clothes, accessories and more. This would be perfect for something like Mario Kart, and we could even see special events and tracks introduced alongside them.

All new characters

Despite its brilliance, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe didn’t introduce the diverse range of new characters we would have hoped for. There were far too many babies and shiny variants when other iconic Nintendo personalities were left waiting by the wayside.

Characters such as Diddy Kong, Birdo, Captain Falcon, Pauline and more would be great to see make an appearance in Tour. Keep some of them a secret, too, making us work for a worthwhile surprise.

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