Marantz Rolls Out Tasty 1080p Projector

Yet another high-def projector to salivte over.

As we continue to remind everyone at every possible opportunity, we love high-end HD projectors here at TrustedReviews. Thus it is that seeing yet another manufacturer bring out a new model that not only improves upon the specs of its predecessor but also carries a lower price, pleases me no end. The company in question is Marantz and the projector is the VP-15S1, successor to the VP-11S1.

As the title of this story suggests, the VP-15S1 offers a Full HD, 1080p image, along with 10,000:1 contrast ratio and a brightness of 1000 lumens. The DLP chip is provided by Texas Instruments and offers 12-bit processing, improving on the VP-11S1’s 10-bit chip. A Konica Minolta lens offers up to 1.45x zoom so you can get a truly huge image.

Connectivity is a high-point, with dual HDMI and Component ports along side single S-Video and D-Sub connectors. As with most high-end equipment an RS-232 port is also on hand for integration with any fancy room control systems you might have. The only chink in the VP-15S1’s armour is that, despite a lower price than its predecessor, the £4,500-odd price tag still makes it an expensive option – as they say, though, you get what you pay for. Release in Japan is scheduled for mid-November, with no UK date currently available.

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