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The entirety of The Mandalorian season 1 is now available to binge-watch on Disney Plus UK − free trial anyone?

Every episode of The Mandalorian season 1 is now available to watch on Disney Plus UK. If you binge it all in one go, that’s five hours and 23 minutes of action (if you sit through the credits).

With Star Wars Day on Monday and another quiet weekend ahead, it couldn’t really have happened at a better time.

Okay, December 27, 2019 might have been better − that’s when the season finale was actually released to Disney Plus subscribers in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia. But of course, Disney Plus only became available in the UK on March 24.

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In the UK, Disney has been treating the show as if it was a brand spanking new release, dropping new episodes of The Mandalorian onto the platform each week.

The reason for this is simple. Disney Plus offers users a seven-day free trial, and if all eight episodes of The Mandalorian were available on the platform from day one, loads of people would have binge-watched them all, then cancelled their trial.

If that’s been your plan all along and you’ve held off activating your free trial in anticipation of this moment, well, now’s your time to shine.

The Mandalorian is one of 35 Disney Plus originals. This number has grown from a miserly 13 in March, and will only get bigger with time.

If you’re on the free trial and fancy sticking around after it’s over, a subscription to Disney Plus UK will cost you either £5.99 per month (which adds up to £71.88 over the course of a year), or £59.99 per year (the equivalent of £4.99 per month).

Whichever you go for, you’ll get access to 4K and HDR content, and a single account will allow you to stream up to four different shows or films on four different devices at any one time.

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If not, remember to cancel your free trial before it’s due to end.