Make your own Urbane with an LG G Watch R and some sandpaper

LG recently announced its ritzy LG Watch Urbane, but not everyone’s so keen on the hiked-up price tag.

Google Plus user Anthony B is one such dissident, who instead found a simple way to get all the glam of an Urbane wrist-hugger, without the added premium.

His method? Simple fine-grain sandpaper and a bog-standard LG G Watch R

“Just sanded off the black coating,” wrote Anthony. “I do really like the way it came out just not sure how the finish will hold up I don’t now what kind of metal it is.”

The result is a surprisingly attractive smartwatch casing, achieved without damaging the actual technology inside the watch.

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Would you be willing to scrub down your G Watch R in the name of Urbane? Let us know in the comments.

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