Make Surgery Great Again and retrofit Donald Trump with a heart of gold

The makers of the popular Surgeon Simulator are giving gamers a unique opportunity to ensure US Presidential baddie Donald Trump has a change of heart.

A new DLC update for PC and PS4 called Inside Donald Trump, enables gamers to perform heart surgery on the real estate mogul, turned reality TV star, turned would-be leader of the free world.

Within the update from Bossa Studios, you’ll have the opportunity to slice into that orange exterior and replace The Donald’s ticker with a heart of gold or a heart of stone.

There’s also a fully functional make up kit if you want to, you know, mess around with him a bit.

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All successful transplants will be displayed in a live tracker, which the makers say would offer an indication of how Trump might fair in a general election this November.

It’s a free update for owners of the Anniversary Edition and is available cheaply for those with the 2013 title.