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Major Windows Phone 8 fixes won’t arrive until 2014

Windows Phone 8 users will not receive the major “Blue” update until early 2014, according to sources close to Microsoft.

Despite Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8 update launching imminently, “sources familiar with Microsoft’s Windows Phone plans” say that the significant WP8 changes aren’t due until next year.

Microsoft is so focused on the Windows Phone Blue update that it is only releasing incremental modifications in the Windows Phone 8 updates rather than introducing significant changes.

The latest update due to roll out shortly is called General Distribution Release 2 (GDR2), which doesn’t scream new and exciting updates.

It will bring fixes to Xbox Music metadata, a new Data Sense app for all network providers, the option to set a Lens app as the default camera app and bring back the FM radio feature.

There are a few other minor tweaks, but nothing that is going to jump out as a new feature for the user, which is sad seeing as the WP8 platform has now been out for eight months.

Microsoft could add Blue features to WP8 later this year in a GDR3 update including a rotation lock option, a useful addition to WP8 devices like the Nokia Lumia 920.

Windows Phone Blue update will bring major updates to Windows Phone 8 devices, such as a much anticipated Windows notification centre, improved multitasking functionality, and big changes to pre-installed WP8 apps.

The official word from Microsoft on major Windows Phone updates is mixed. The software giant said it is preparing what it is calling a feature pack update in the first months of 2014, which will contain VPN support and enterprise improvements.

As for other additions, Microsoft is staying mum.

For desktop and tablets, Microsoft has unveiled Windows 8.1, which introduces a host of big changes and features for users, including the return of the Start button.

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Via: The Verge